You Have A 6th Sense & It’s Never  Wrong…

Have you ever walked into a room and ​immediately​ felt tension or conflict​ between two people without a single word being spoken?

Or felt uneasy the moment you noticed someone walking towards you and automatically crossed the street​ without giving it a second thought?

Or sensed someone step a little too close to you in line at the grocery store and, even though they never touched you, you instantly​ felt crowded and irritated​?

What about those people you like within seconds… and those who give you the heebie jeebies, even after the ​briefest​ of encounters​?

While “you have great energy” often seems like nothing more than a new-agey pickup line, it’s actually quite the compliment and the precise reason why first impressions are everything​.

In every moment of every day, your energetic body or aura is sending messages and exchanging information with your surroundings.

Your aura carries powerful life force energy through and around you, like a divine tractor beam, connecting you to the earth, to your higher self and to the people around you.

Although it’s almost completely invisible to your 5 senses, you intuitively know it’s there. It determines who you feel safe around, who you stop to ask for directions, who you become friends with, who you promote, who you fall in love with and who you choose to stay away from. Knowing this, have you ever stopped to wonder…

What Does Your Aura Say About You?

How is your energy received by strangers, your partner, boss, family or friends? Are you living in vibrational alignment with your highest self or are you sometimes repelling opportunities, happiness, abundance and even love?

A-ha, there it is again. You already have the answer…

And while the truth might sting a bit, it goes far deeper than the ego. It penetrates past your body language, visible emotions and even your innermost thoughts. The messages you are silently sending are encoded in your soul and influence the way you move through life​ – in every single capacity.

Every negative experience you’ve ever had, whether you consciously recollect it or not, is embedded in the deepest inner recesses of your subconscious mind. ​These limiting beliefs are lying dormant in your energy field, attracting events and circumstances that trigger your traumatic memories, keep you stuck in a downward spiral and push away positive people and circumstances.

Sure, you could think positive thoughts, slap a smile on your face and stand a little taller, but your energetic signal won’t change until you transform your beliefs at the source. We won’t sugarcoat it, this can be hard to do because most limiting beliefs are created and reinforced over multiple years, even lifetimes, and are hidden deep under layers and layers of karmic conditioning – the same icky stuff that often clogs our own intuitive guidance systems.

The good news is, there is a way out of the darkness​, or else we wouldn’t be writing to you today. But before you can get to the light at the end of the tunnel, there’s something you need to know…

Your Soul ​Chose​ Every Painful Moment & Negative Experience

It’s a hard pill to swallow for most of us, but how does it benefit you to believe the opposite? What ounce of good does it do to believe that, from day 0, you’ve had no control over your life circumstances, lessons and challenges, yet take full credit for all your strengths, opportunities and talents?

The empowering truth is this: your soul decided to enter this world for a very good reason – immense spiritual growth – and brought along with it all the subconscious patterns and lessons it has yet to learn.

But it didn’t leave you helpless and unarmed – not even a little bit.
At the moment of your conception, you were given all the beautiful gifts you’ll ever need to overcome these challenges and fulfill your truest destiny​. In fact, your soul chose the exact time and place to make its debut here on earth, when the Sun, Moon, planets and stars were perfectly aligned to best support you on your journey and ensure your highest chance of success.

That perfect moment was at the precise time of your birth.

That’s right. Your soul is the ultimate planner. The date, time and place of your birth, and even your name, are no accident. They were chosen for you by you to deliver the unique set of challenges and opportunities you’re meant to experience in this lifetime.

This is precisely why your numerology chart is often referred to as your soul’s blueprint. It is a map of your destiny that illuminates your shortest path to success ​and fulfillment.

Your Numerology Chart Is A Map Of Your Destiny That Illuminates Your Shortest Path To Success And Fulfillment…

But how do you get there? How do you infuse your aura with divine vibrant energy? How do you heal your deepest subconscious patterns from the ground up? How do you step closer to your truest destiny?

Meet Kari Samuels

Intuitive Counselor & Happiness Coach

Kari Samuels is a psychic, numerologist, and energy healer. After conducting thousands of private intuitive numerology readings for her clients and students over the past 20+ years, Kari discovered a fascinating pattern hidden within the numbers – an undeniable correlation between people’s Life Path Number and their subconscious imprints. She found that almost everyone with the same Life Path, with few exceptions, possessed the same deep-rooted blocks and fears stopping them from reaching their true destiny, as well as the very specific spiritual gifts needed to overcome them.

Since her discovery, Kari has studied and tested countless healing modalities to help people from all around the world reclaim these gifts and actualize their destiny. After years of relentless passion, dedication, and trial and error, she pioneered a method of healing SO powerful that it could help anyone transform their deepest fears into unshakeable strengths… and she’s finally ready to share it with the world.

- Introducing -


Personalized Healing Attunements To Align with Your Soul’s Bliss

Combining 3 powerful healing modalities, Numerology, Chakra Healing and Brainwave Entrainment in the form of personalized affirmations, Life Path Illuminations is a program unlike anything you’ve discovered before. This beautiful 3-dimensional healing methodology is a conduit for those seeking deep self-discovery and lasting transformation. Bridging the often misunderstood gap between science and spirit, this program immerses you in a world beyond human consciousness to help you navigate the omnipresent energies around you, heal your subconscious beliefs and illuminate your inner gifts that have been there all along.

1. Numerology – Personalized Protocol For Auto​magic Healing Your numerology chart is the blueprint of your soul’s ultimate potential. Unlike most numerology reports that simply decode the numbers in your chart, Life Path Illuminations includes 77 powerful healing attunements uniquely personalized to your Life Path. Since the inception of this program, Kari has worked closely with 12 select groups of students to develop the perfect protocol for each Life Path Number, 1-9 and Master Numbers 11 and 22. These mantras and techniques have been infused with love and the healing power to auto-magically illuminate your quickest path to living the life your soul intended.

2. Chakra Healing – Harmonize Your Inner World, Expand Your Outer World Your aura is your soul’s home. Made up of layers and layers of energy fields that emanate from your chakras, root to crown, your aura or energy body is a chaotic concoction of past life memories, subconscious patterns and energetic feedback that you absorb from your environment every single day. If you don’t actively cleanse your chakras of this negative energy, you will continue to feel stuck and repel the life you want, no matter how much positive self-talk you try! With 11 personalized attunements for each of your 7 chakras, your Life Path Illuminations program is energized with healing frequencies to strengthen, nourish and harmonize your energy body from the inside out.

3. Brain Entrainment Technology – Transformation, Anytime, Anywhere Your subconscious mind is your soul’s answering machine, silently playing hidden messages on repeat that can either empower or disempower you. After designing your unique healing protocol personalized to your Life Path and 7 chakras, Kari used entrainment music and binaural beats to create 4 different brainwave entrainment sessions. Each set of healing attunements is designed to relax your mind, elevate your consciousness and heal your harmful subconscious patterns at the source and in your preferred learning environment.

Healing doesn’t have to be hard…

Susan S.
“My husband also enjoys listening to it…” “I feel peace & comfort when listening to you. I have depression and anxiety disorder and this helps me sleep and move toward healing myself inside. I love being able to listen to it whenever I want — it is just wonderful! My husband now also enjoys listening to it to sleep too. Thank you and bless you. Xoxoxo.” Results are not typical, individual results may vary.

Monika B.
“Brought more joy and wellbeing into my life.” “I loved listening to the meditations each morning and night and it has really brought more joy and wellbeing into my life. Thank you.” Results are not typical, individual results may vary.

Frances B.
“My spiritual self-care has expanded beyond measure.” “Listening everyday to the meditations and reflecting on my chakras expanded my understanding of self compassion. I THANK YOU, Kari, for this program as my… spiritual self-care has expanded beyond measure.” Results are not typical, individual results may vary.

Amanda D.
“I am believing in myself more everyday!” “I've enjoyed seeing myself change gradually. I feel confident and I am believing in myself more everyday!” Results are not typical, individual results may vary.

- Deep Work On A Tight Schedule -

4 Powerful Brainwave Entrainment Sessions For Tangible Healing

With 4 powerful and versatile ways to consume your personalized healing protocol, you can experience profound and lasting change in just 15 minutes a day. Listen while you work, shop, exercise, drive, meditate and even sleep! Here are the 4 personalized brainwave entrainment sessions included in your program:

1. Alpha Brainwave Entrainment For Creativity & Flow (MP3 Audio)13 minutes Set to Alpha brainwave frequency (8-12 Hz), this session is designed to enhance creativity, mental coordination and flow. Alpha is the resting state for the brain and helps you stay present, calm and relaxed. Alpha brain waves are dominant during relaxed flowing thoughts and daydreaming. Listen: ​while writing, exercising or doing housework.
2. Theta Brainwave Entrainment For Meditation Bliss15 minutes Set to Theta brainwave frequency (4-8 Hz), this session is designed to access deep states of meditation and aid spiritual transformation​. Theta is your dominant brainwave before the age of 7, when your mind is imprinted with your belief systems. Theta brain waves assist you inconnecting with your spirit guides, reprogramming your subconscious and reaching higher levels of consciousness. Listen:​ while meditating.
3. Delta Brainwave Entrainment For Deep Restful Sleep14 minutes Set to Delta brainwave frequency (0-4 Hz), this session is designed for restful sleep and accelerated healing​. Delta brainwaves are associated with the deepest levels of relaxation and restorative sleep. They are most commonly found in infants or very young children and dissipate as we age. Delta frequencies help you easily drift into a peaceful sleep and wake up feeling empowered and uplifted. Listen: ​right ​before bedtime.
4. Uplifting Brainwave Entrainment For Everyday Empowerment13 minutes Set to empowering and uplifting music, this session is designed for alertness, productivity and elevated consciousness​. It will stimulate your conscious thoughts and logical thinking, and help you focus and complete tasks quickly and easily. This brainwave entrainment track is meant for everything in-between. Listen:​ while driving or working. Play in the background for empowering inspiration all day!

Life Path Illuminations Is A Culmination of Kari’s Life Work In Multiple Healing Modalities

Starting with a personalized protocol based on your specific numerology chart, Kari infused each affirmation with healing frequencies to strengthen, nourish and balance all of your 7 chakras. Lastly, she recreated your unique set of attunements using 4 different brainwave frequencies for profound subconscious healing anywhere, anytime. No other program exists today that can promise deep 3-dimensional healing from the ground up​. The concept for this program was birthed years ago and has been a masterpiece-in-the-making ever since.

In early 2017, Kari finished her prototype protocol and gathered a select focus group – a mix of clients, students and people new to her work from all walks of life – to be the first to take part in a brand new healing experience unlike anything they’ve seen before. The overwhelming positive feedback and encouragement Kari received was awe-inspiring – this work was changing lives, sometimes ​overnight​.

After some fine-tuning, Kari finally released her finished masterpiece – Life Path Illuminations – to her awaiting community. Since that day, she has received dozens and dozens more love notes from clients who experienced the first wave of this 3-dimensional healing technology.

The results were goosebump-inducing…

Karolyn Mckinley
“I go to sleep listening to them and I literally wake up in a different reality!” I LOVE love LOVE these healing attunements!! To be honest, I've never stuck with doing affirmations, especially "done for you ones"… preferring to create my own. However, dayum! These feel SO personal and so POTENT!! I have been using Kari's Life Path Illuminations daily and they are TRULY extraordinary! I go to sleep listening to them at night and I literally wake up in a different reality! Results are not typical, individual results may vary.

Siri Wieringer
“I feel like I can see the light out of the darkness…” The Life Path Illuminations have brought me so much joy, inspiration, and peace. It is amazing how aligned these affirmations are with the challenges I have faced emotionally in my life. When I listen to them, I feel like I can see the light out of the darkness, my body becomes filled with energy, and I feel so strong. They have truly empowered me to go through life differently, and they are an amazing resource for helping me to feel good. Results are not typical, individual results may vary.

Quiana F.
“Within the first couple of weeks… my life improved!” First of all let me start off by saying I love Kari. Without knowing it she has been helping me for years through her different programs. All her programs are amazing, but I have to admit her new program is by far my favorite. Its impact was huge! Within the first couple of weeks using my personal Life Path Illuminations, my life improved! I was able to be more at peace and gained a higher connection to the Divine. Using Kari’s recordings boosted my life. Her Sweet Dreams audio took away nightmares I was having. Results… more productive rest. That peace has led to many benefits in my Life. I have been able to let go of worrying which led to a clearer mind. The clarity produced focus and I have been able to do goals I have been procrastinating with for a while now. I got my first endorsement and working on landing my first client. I am very excited! I thank Kari for helping me reach a higher level of Spiritual Growth to enhance my Future. Trust me it won't disappoint… buy this program. If you are looking for peace and a higher spiritual connection you have found a key. Results are not typical, individual results may vary.

Melanie Bundock
“Kari has magical powers.” Kari has magical powers. All her offerings are divine, yet the Life Path Illuminations are beyond! The affirmations feel like they are touching my soul. I can feel the energy of each attunement, so so powerful. Kari’s voice is uplifting, soothing and brings me pure joy every time I listen. Results are not typical, individual results may vary.

Becky Wolford
“All 3 of my kids ask for it every night!” I wanted to tell you how much my husband and I have been enjoying the Life Path Illuminations! We have been listening to them ourselves, but we have also been playing them for our kids. I have played them when their energy seems to be really high and there is a lot of drama. Several times it has calmed them down and totally changed the vibration in our house! Usually all three of my children fall asleep during the meditation. That is a huge improvement for them. In the past it has taken upwards of an hour before the younger two would finally fall asleep. All 3 of my kids ask for it every night! Results are not typical, individual results may vary.

Transform Every Harmful Pattern Into An Unshakeable Strength

While complete healing does take time and repetition, your transformational journey will be immensely rewarding, starting today. With every single subconscious pattern you break, you’ll feel stronger, happier and more joyful as you get closer and closer to living the life your soul intended. Thanks to the powerful healing attunements included in your personalized Life Path Illuminations protocol, here are the results you can expect right away…

  • You’ll feel a sense of ease and peace wash over you as Kari holds your hand and gently guides you through your personalized healing attunements.
  • As your energy field expands, you’ll begin to attract more positive circumstances, people and opportunities.
  • Your health, career, love life and finances will feel blissful and abundant as you approach the highest vibration of your Life Path.
  • The deep subconscious fears and limiting beliefs that once challenged you will now make you feel unstoppable as you pursue your highest potential.
  • You will reclaim your voice, confidently speak your truth and freely express your soul's gifts, passions and purpose.
  • You’ll finally give yourself permission to be yourself, make more self-nourishing choices, and actualize your destiny.

- Limited-Time Offer -

Get Your Life Path Illuminations Program Now & Save 69%!

So, what does one charge for a powerful healing methodology never sold before? Well, even though there is SO much included in this powerful program, we can assure you it’s FAR more accessible than you might think. Kari made sure of that.

Numerology reports sell anywhere from ten to hundreds of dollars, but we’ve already established that this program goes way, WAY beyond any numerology product available today because of its personalized and effortless healing attunements. One-on-one chakra healing sessions can run hundreds of dollars and custom brainwave entrainment therapy costs a pretty penny. Put them all together and Life Path Illuminations breaks the mold of standard healing practices, just as it was intended to do.

While the value of this program is easily worth over $1000, after consulting her guides on what would be a feel-good investment for this program, Kari decided to price Life Path Illuminations at an extremely fair $247. This is the price you’ll find publically on Kari’s website, but here’s why you’ll pay even less than that when you order today.

The results Kari’s students experienced in as little as a few days left her beaming with love and gratitude from the inside out and, in return, she wanted to put a price tag on this that would make you smile too! Afterall, she didn’t spend years and years perfecting this program to not have anyone use it. In fact, it’s her mission to get this into the hands of every single person on the planet who might benefit from these mantras and techniques, to nourish and guide you on your journey. Because when each of us takes full responsibility for our own healing and growth, collectively, we can raise the vibration of the entire planet and make the world a more loving, accepting, abundant and happy place (there are those goosebumps again)…

So, that’s why, when you click the button below today, all you’ll pay for the entire Life Path Illuminations Program is a one-time fee of $77!

- Get These Bonuses Free Today -

3 Powerful Tools For Deeper Self-Discovery & Lasting Transformation

If you’ve ever purchased a program from Kari Samuels before you know she’s passionate about giving you every possible tool she can to help you on your journey. So, on top of your personalized healing attunements, delivered in 4 powerful ways, you’ll also get these 3 bonuses — delivered straight to your inbox — when you order now.

Subliminal Healing Audios – Oceans, Birds & Crickets

13 minutes These “Deep Peace” subliminal tracks are perfect for those times you want covert healing. Your 77 personalized attunements are embedded subliminally within the audio to bypass the conscious mind. So, while you can’t hear the words, they are still audible to your subconscious mind. Set to 3 different soothing nature sounds – oceans, birds and crickets – you can play these healing audios in the background of any environment. Whether you’re cleaning the house with your family at home, driving with the kids, sleeping next to your spouse or working with a client, this is a potent way to reprogram your mind all day silently. PLUS, they will have a positive effect on anyone who experiences them, including your children, spouse, and even your pets!

Life Path Illuminations Printable Guidebook

If you prefer to learn in a visual environment, you’ll find this bonus extremely helpful. Kari created a Life Path Illuminations Guidebook as a companion to your audio program. This printable PDF includes all 77 of your personalized healing attunements (11 for each chakra) for your quick reference and use. Follow along with your healing tracks, read them out loud before bed, write them on post-it notes to stick on your computer screen or bathroom mirror – they are yours to be creative with!

7 Weekly Chakra Healing

Life Path Illuminations is designed to be easy, flexible and fun! While there are NO WRONG WAYS to use your personalized healing attunements, Kari wants to support you on your journey in every way possible. When you order your program, Kari will send you a weekly email with guidance for getting the most benefit out of your experience! Every week, she will deliver powerful healing messages for each of your seven chakras, starting with your root chakra in week 1, then working her way up to your crown chakra in week 7. In these emails, you’ll discover the telltale signs you have a chakra imbalance and the ways to nourish your mind, body and spirit for immediate healing.

“You Can Enjoy Every Single Minute of Changing Your Life.”

Lisa Fraley
“Start my day with positive, powerful manifesting intentions!” “It's astounding how spot on my Life Path Illuminations felt for me. It was as if Kari read my mind! I could sense the intention and energy behind each one as I read them aloud. I could feel Kari's wisdom and love coming through the words to help me hold a container for manifestation and healing at my Life Path frequency. Without a doubt I am going to incorporate reading my Life Path Illuminations into my morning practice so I can start my day with these positive, powerful manifesting intentions. The attunements are a wonderful tool to help me remain in alignment with my Life Path and bring to my awareness the specific areas and chakras where more focus is needed on a daily basis. Listening to the recordings and reading the affirmations aloud puts me in resonance with my deepest wants at a soul level and helps me feel safe and secure as I move towards them. Kari has a magical way of expressing love and care as she simultaneously gifts and reflects these affirmations from the soul.” Results are not typical, individual results may vary.

Jennifer Kosh
“I felt energy flow and a deep sense of peace.” From the moment I heard Kari’s angelic voice reading out my affirmations for each chakra, I felt energy flow and a deep sense of peace. Life Path Illuminations are a beautiful offering of personalized affirmations set to deeply relaxing music, which is brainwave entrained!! From the moment I heard Kari’s angelic voice reading out my Life Path affirmations for each chakra, I felt energy flow and a deep sense of peace. I’m so grateful that I have these affirmations infused with Kari’s love, guidance and inspiration in my toolbox and use them (often!) when I write or as a starting point for meditation. Thank you, Kari, for the illumination of my life path, the grounding, and the love. Results are not typical, individual results may vary.

Sara Young
“These recordings are magic.” These healing attunements have all profoundly affected me. The Alpha brainwave recording in particular put me in a state of total flow and magic. I also use the sleep one every night before I go to bed and it puts me in the perfect state for a good night's sleep. These recordings are magic. I highly suggest them for anyone looking for a feeling of centered clarity. Results are not typical, individual results may vary.

Steph Kang
“The more I repeat them the more I’m able to heal…” Kari’s voice always makes me feel happy and calm. The affirmations feel so powerful especially when I repeat them out loud as well as silently in my head. I do get somewhat anxious about some of the affirmations that I haven’t owned yet. But the more I repeat them the more I’m able to heal these shadow parts of myself and create transformation. I can attest to the attention to detail Kari put into these with heart and soul for each Life Paths. The different variations with brainwave entrainment background music make them even more effective. Results are not typical, individual results may vary.

Yvette Francis
“The first time I listened… I saw business opportunities open up for me on that very day!” Kari has imbued these recordings with so much love, and has tailored them so perfectly for my Life Path. They are beautifully crafted, filled with wonderful energy, and highly effective! The first time I listened to the Creativity & Flow recording, I saw business opportunities open up for me on that very day! The Sweet Dreams recordings are extremely calming and make for a truly restful night’s sleep. I feel so blessed to have these treasures. Results are not typical, individual results may vary.

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This offer expires soon. Click the button below to pay only $247 $77 for the Life Path Illuminations program today. Here’s what you’ll receive when you order right now:

4 Brainwave Entrainment Sessions

3 Subliminal Healing Audios

Life Path Illuminations Printable Guidebook

7 Weekly Chakra Healing Messages

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Our Happiness Guarantee

Take your time to look through your beautifully-designed Life Path Illuminations and special bonuses. If anytime within the next 365 days you decide that you're not 100% satisfied, just drop us a quick email and we will promptly refund you, no worries, no fuss, no frowns. That’s right. We only want happy money. So, if you’re not happy with your Life Path Illuminations, we will gladly buy it back from you for $77 so you’re not out a single cent. You can even keep the bonuses as our way of saying “thanks for your time.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Life Path Illuminations personalized to my Life Path Number or is it the same for every Life Path Number?

Your Life Path Illuminations program is fully personalized to YOUR specific Life Path Number. Each Life Path Number (1-9, 11, and 22) will receive a unique set of healing attunements.

What if someone with a different Life Path Number hears my attunements? Will it be harmful for their subconscious?

The Life Path Illuminations will nourish and strengthen your chakras and reprogram positive beliefs into your subconscious, and will do so for ANYONE who listens to them. While they are specifically designed for your quickest path to healing, they can never harm others – they will only benefit anyone who listens to them.

Do I need to know my Life Path Number before I purchase my Life Path Illuminations?

We've got you covered! We’ll calculate your Life Path Number for you, based on your date of birth, as soon as you order. If you accidentally enter your date of birth incorrectly, or if you are purchasing this program for a loved one, no worries! You can change it after you purchase on our delivery details confirmation page.

Can I play these aloud at home? Will it benefit the people in my environment?

You are welcome to play these aloud for everyone in your family to enjoy. However, to get the maximum benefit, it is ideal for everyone to have the Life Path Illuminations for their specific Life Path Number.

How often do I need to listen to the audios to see results?

Like any changes you want to make in your life, just like exercise – the more you do something, the more results you will see. You can listen to these as much and as often as you like. It is suggested you listen to them at least 30 days in a row. We make it easy for you! There are audios for work, play, sleep, exercise, driving, they are incredibly versatile!

What messages are in the subliminal audios?

Your personalized 77 healing attunements are embedded into beautiful nature sounds subliminally. There are no hidden messages in the subliminal audios other than the 77 healing attunements you’ll see in your Life Path Illuminations PDF Guidebook.

Do I need to be good at meditation or visualization for these to be effective?

All you need to do is listen! However, if you engage your imagination as you listen to or repeat the affirmations, they can increase their power. IMAGINE what each one would look and feel like to you! And don’t worry if you cannot SEE things clearly when you visualize, simply focusing your attention on a positive affirmation sets that energy in motion!

Which audios do I listen to first?

Your Meditation Bliss (Theta Brainwave), and Sweet Dreams (Delta Brainwave) audios are the most effective for reprogramming your subconscious, since they entrain you to a meditative state. If you can, listen to either of those every day for at least thirty days, and you will experience the most rapid transformation. However, ANY of your healing audios will be effective. They are designed to suit your busy lifestyle. It’s the repetition and consistency of listening to the affirmations that will help you transform your thought patterns.

What kind of changes will I see in my life?

Remember, all changes begin on the inside! You will most likely start to FEEL better about yourself and your life. As you create more positive loving feelings, your outer world can change as a result. You also might respond to situations differently than before - being human, there are always challenges to face in life. However, you can move through challenges with more grace, love, confidence and ease.

Can I download these onto my phone or mobile?

Of course! Your Life Path Illuminations are completely portable. Any device where you can download an MP3 will work! For some phones and tablets, we recommend getting the free Dropbox app as a place to store your audios and guidebook.

Claim Your 69% Discount & Bonuses Now:
Pay Only $247 $77 Today (Expires Soon)

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Our Happiness Guarantee

Take your time to look through your beautifully-designed Life Path Illuminations and special bonuses. If anytime within the next 365 days you decide that you're not 100% satisfied, just drop us a quick email and we will promptly refund you, no worries, no fuss, no frowns. That’s right. We only want happy money. So, if you’re not happy with your Life Path Illuminations, we will gladly buy it back from you for $77 so you’re not out a single cent. You can even keep the bonuses as our way of saying “thanks for your time.”